Western Grazers Featured in the Record Searchlight

Western Grazers was recently featured in an article by the Redding Record Searchlight about how our goats are being used in Red Bluff to help manage the city’s wildfire risk naturally. 

“We are happy that more cities and municipalities in the North State are starting to look at using goats to control some of the brushes and dry grasses and things like that,” said Tim Arrowsmith of Blue Tent Farms.

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Why Work with Western Grazers?

We’ve helped utilities and municipalities all over Northern California reduce their risk of wildfires with eco-friendly goat grazing programs. Let us help you be the solution! 

Reduce Wildfire Risk

Grazing is the most environmentally friendly way to manage and eliminate fire risks in our public and private lands; it is also an excellent way to target invasive plants.

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Grazing is eco-friendly and produces less pollution and hazardous chemicals than machinery. It helps with sustainable, herbicide free fire fuel reduction.


Our goats can go where humans and equipment have trouble reaching. Grazing is also an aid to use before a prescribed burn.

What Our Customers Have Said:

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