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Whether you’re looking to develop your own goat herd for commercial purposes, or are just interested in adding a few goats to your farm or ranch for brush and weed control, we have goats available each year for sale.

Our herd is made up of Kiko and Savanna cross goats, which we find creates a vigorous, large grazing goat. Kiko goats are well-suited to the Pacific Northwest’s climate, and originate in the hills and mountains of New Zealand. They make excellent grazing goats because of their adaptability to bad weather and rough terrain, their parasite resistance, and the fact that they need less feed input in these difficult conditions than many other goat breeds available in the United States. Savanna goats are also hardy animals, first bred in South Africa, and add good reproduction and structure to our herd genetics.

We have goats for sale year-round, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we may be able to refer you somewhere else. Depending on the year and our herd needs, we may have bucks, older does, and doelings available for sale; get in touch to find out more about what we have for sale and if it will suit your needs.

You can contact us online anytime here, or call us at (530) 200-2929. Western Grazers is located in Red Bluff, California, and we’re happy to make arrangements with you to transport purchased goats wherever you need them to go.

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Why Work with Western Grazers?

We’ve helped utilities and municipalities all over Northern California reduce their risk of wildfires with eco-friendly goat grazing programs. Let us help you be the solution! 

Reduce Wildfire Risk

Grazing is the most environmentally friendly way to manage and eliminate fire risks in our public and private lands; it is also an excellent way to target invasive plants.

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Grazing is eco-friendly and produces less pollution and hazardous chemicals than machinery. It helps with sustainable, herbicide free fire fuel reduction.


Our goats can go where humans and equipment have trouble reaching. Grazing is also an aid to use before a prescribed burn.

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